You Asked, Nik Answered
1. What is this exactly?
The Real-Life Multiverse Vlog with 10k PFP Human Photos. Community-owned and influenced transmedia franchise.
2. Is everything ready to start?
The main products - PFP collection and Vlog are ready for deployment, and my home media powerhouse machine is ready for sustainable Real-Life Multiverse content creation.
3. What is Bambooozzzle Pack?
It's a 36 pieces NFT collection. Each NFT is a redeemable bundle. For 0.69 ETH you will get 3 Ultra Rare Niks from the upcoming main collection plus 9 NFTs with Exclusive Features. 12 NFTs for 0.69, OMG!
4. Wen mint?
07.07.2022:  wl 4200 NFTs pre-mint, fixed price 0.3 eth
08.07.2022: 4800 NFTs public mint, dutch auction 0.69-0.3 eth
7/8 July 2022 Mints Are Postponed. The Exact Time & Date Will Be Announced
5. What are the Utilities?
Bambooozzzle Mood For The Better Quality Of Life (priceless)
Multiverse Products & Services Access
Bonus Content & Special Events/Experiences Access
Early Access To Rare Nik Projects & Tokens
Human Placement, Multiverse MCN, Multiverse Brands Platform
Digital Clothes & Artifacts of Your Rare Nik NFT for Metaverse
6. What’s the roadmap? (updated)
July '22: website, private screening of the 1st episode, ongoing series production.
July '22: 1st episode in public, collection reveal, nft license crowd innovation, ongoing series production.
August '22: rarity crowd development, dao development, multiverse community expansion, music album release, metaverse concert, ongoing series production.
Now and later: grow the brand outside the context of NFTs, build the multichannel network of vlogs, create multiverse brands franchising b2b-platform, and ongoing series production.
7. Who is the team behind this project?
Nik McFly: 12+ years of community-building, created 4 online communities, attracted 1M+ people to communities
Crypto Shaman: 19+ years of bambooozzzle visions, 10k+ magic symbols created, last life on Earth
Universes Architect: 15 centuries of research, 1 multiverse created, also human
8. Are you doxxed?
Actually, all Niks are doxxed!
As for me, my name is Nik McFly. You can find more info about me at
9. Are there any giveaways or airdrops?
Yes, there are!
Try your luck here to win WL Spot
Call Multiverse Hotline +1-844-60-420-69 to tell your dream and get a chance to win Rare Nik NFT
Follow @rarenikverse and take a look at the pinned post
Follow @nikmcfly Instagram
Join Discord for more giveaways